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Apple and Banana Pancakes

5 - 10 minutes 6

Grated apple adds sweetness to the batter and the caramelised bananas make these pancakes irresistible.

Portobello Mushroom Wellingtons with red wine gravy

30 - 60 minutes 2

Two individual mushroom wellingtons drizzled in a rich red wine gravy.

Charcoal Profiteroles with a Watercress and Cream Cheese filling

10 - 15 minutes 8

Emerging as a new trend for 2019, learn how to make your own charcoal profiteroles with a creamy watercress and cream cheese filling.

Del Monte® Sticky Peach Slices

5 - 10 minutes 9

Delicious sticky peach and marshmallow slices, with a cinnamon biscuit bottom.

Radicchio and Taleggio Risotto

30 - 40 minutes 4

A great traditional risotto recipe from the Veneto region, a 'must' to enjoy from December to April when all the varieties of radicchio come in to season.

Easy Chicken Curry

10 - 15 minutes 4

A super easy chicken curry base which can be served with rice, on its own or in a wrap. Experiment further with this dish by adding to the chicken base whether that be potato, aubergine or even banana... the possibilities are endless!

Wicked Potato Salad with Dill

5 - 10 minutes 4

A potato salad that has the added goodness of nuts, lentils and greens. You simply can't go wrong!

Spicy Bombay Aloo

5 - 10 minutes 2

Spicy Bombay potatoes using minimal ingredients: spices, potatoes and salt!

Chana Bhaji

10 - 15 minutes 4

Chickpeas cooked with spices, garlic, onion and fresh coriander.

Watercress, Onion and Potato Soup

8 - 10 minutes 4

A delicious watercress, onion and potato soup perfect as a starter or winter warmer for the colder months.

Individual Beef Wellingtons with a Watercress and Pate Filling

15 - 20 minutes 4

Small personal Beef Wellingtons, perfect for individual servings at a dinner party!

Chai Spiced Biscuits

10 - 15 minutes 6

A recipe perfect for family baking, these Chai spiced biscuits are guaranteed to become a household favourite.

Grilled Cod with Market Greens and Black Squid Ink Risotto

10 - 15 minutes 4

A seasonal dish perfect for impressing friends at a dinner party

Aubergine, Capsicum and Potato Curry

10 - 15 minutes 4

A warming Aubergine, Capsicum and Potato Curry with the potential to have a real kick!

Chocolate Malted Milkshake

5 - 10 minutes 1

Treat yourself to a smooth Chocolate Malt Milkshake made using Spice Drops.

Watercress, Blue Cheese and Butternut Squash Pizza

40 - 90 minutes 6

Take your pizza skills to the next level with this tempting vegetarian recipe.

Summer Smoothie

5 - 10 minutes 3

A healthy summer smoothie made using Spice Drops.

Peppered Beef and Watercress Rolls with Caramelised Shallot Butter

20 - 25 minutes 6

The perfect steak sandwich. Peppered Beef and Watercress Rolls with Caramelised Shallot Butter takes your lunch to a whole new level!