Tag Selected: Eggs

Creme Egg Brownies

15 - 20 minutes 6

Smashing the sweet tooth barrier with these tasty treats!

Spicy Sweet Potato and Pineapple Hash

15 - 20 minutes 2

This flexible dish can be served as a Brunch, Lunch or Dinner! Just watch out for that spicy kick!

Quails Egg Scotch Eggs

30 - 35 minutes 4

Awesome little party food dish....Serve with brown sauce or chutney

French Toast

10 - 12 minutes 2

I called this eggy bread growing up.....such a nostalgic thing for me....comfort food at its best

The Full English Breakfast

10 - 15 minutes 4

Some things are not to be messed with so I've kept this pretty standard....

The Cloud Egg

5 - 8 minutes 2

Have you heard of a cloud egg before? Give this recipe a go!

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

5 - 5 minutes 2

Runny yolks every time

Spinach and Onion frittata, Beetroot and Goats Cheese salad

20 - 30 minutes 6

This is great for a sharing board, just pop it on the table and let the family get stuck in

Simple Scramble Eggs

0 - 0 minutes 1

Light and fluffy scrambled eggs

Simple omelette

5 - 5 minutes 1

Awesome way to use up those odds and sods in the fridge

Homemade Gnocchi

180 - 190 minutes 8

Super simple way to make fresh gnocchi

Crunchy Hash Browns

10 - 15 minutes 4

Awesome addition to breakfast or use as an alternative to a muffin for eggs Benedict

Simple Cheddar Cheese Omlelette

10 - 15 minutes 1

Eggs are awesome and super healthy, try this super easy omelette for a quick and easy lunch

Simple Poached Eggs

5 - 10 minutes 3

There are so many poached egg recipes on the internet, this one requires a bit more patience but what you get looks much better than the run of the mill

Sweet potato rosti, baked eggs and chrorizo

20 - 30 minutes 4

Really tasty breakfast dish, a soft cooking chorizo works best with this recipe

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

30 - 45 minutes 6

Twist on a classic, i love the peppery note the black pudding brings to this dish, have a crack at our homemade brown sauce! It works so well with this!