Toffee Apple Churros

Toffee Apple Churros


40 mins


10 mins


4 people

Super sweet dessert for bonfire night....


  1. For the dough - Heat water, butter and 30g of the sugar in a medium-size saucepan until simmering and butter has melted. Remove from heat and dump in flour all at once. Mix vigorously with a spoon until the mixture forms a smooth ball and no floury bits are visible, then add eggs, one at a time and beat well until fully incorporated.

  2. Transfer churros to a pastry bag or strong ziploc bag with a corner snipped off, now to the frying stage, pipe the churros in 6-inch or desired lengths right into the oil, snipping them off with scissors or a sharp knife at your desired length. Once all churros are fried, combine cinnamon and sugar on a plate. Roll warm churros, one by one to coat.

  3. For the sauce - put 50g of sugar into a saucepan with a splash of water and bring to a gentle simmer, when the caramel starts to brown slightly add the apple sauce and remove from the heat, serve warm with a hot cup of coffee......!