Next Level Steak and Spinach Sandwich

Next Level Steak and Spinach Sandwich


10 mins


15 mins


2 people

One of many steak sandwich combos, we love this mix of flavours between the steak, onion relish and creamy spinach.


  1. Pop a medium sized frying pan onto a high heat and season your steak with sea salt and pepper and massage with olive oil, place your steak in the pan and cook on a high heat for 1/2 minutes then flip over and turn the heat to a medium low, add your butter and baste, remove your steak from the pan and allow to rest on your chopping board

  2. Now fry one side of your bread in the pan juices until slightly golden, and now for the build....

  3. Spread your mayonnaise, onion relish and mustard on your bread then slice your steak length ways across the grain and divide up between the 2 sandwiches, pop your red onions and baby spinach on the steak and top with your bread, slice and enjoy.....and if you have a beard grab a napkin.....