The Cranble Black 'n' Blue Burger

The Cranble Black 'n' Blue Burger


30 mins


10 mins


4 people

Can't beat a good burger, try this one loaded with gnarly blue cheese, try get a good minced beef from your local butcher with at least 20% fat content, this will ensure maximum flavour


  1. Make sure you have all your garnishes ready to roll as your burgers will cook quite quick

  2. Weigh your beef mince out into 100g balls, if you don't have scales you can just divide your mix up into 8, and using the palm of your hand flatten out into rough burger shapes

  3. Get 2 large frying pans on a medium to high heat and pop 4 beef patties into each pan, cook for 1 to 2 minutes then flip over for a further 1 minute, remove from the pan and set aside

  4. Now you have to work quite quick, get your buns and put them in the pan 'cut side down' to soak up all those lovely juices and remove the pans from the heat

  5. Now you can assemble, put a dollop of burger sauce on the bottom, a baby gem leaf, a slice of tomato then 2 burger patties, finish with your onions and crumbled blue cheese (you can melt this if you want but it tastes much better raw) pop your lid bun on and using a skewer fix a slice of sweet pickle to the top.... Then get stuck in!