The Best Roast Chicken

The Best Roast Chicken


30 mins


70 mins


4 people

We can all roast a chicken, in this recipe you'll find a couple of little chefy tips to make yours that little bit special


  1. First job you need to do is tidy the chicken up a bit to make it easy to carve when cooked, so remove the wing tips and feet, then you want to try remove the wishbone in one, carefully pull the loose neck skin back to reveal where the wish bone is, gently make an incision until your knife touches the bone, then use the bone as a guide for your knife, stick your fingers in and remove the wish bone.

  2. Then pop half a lemon a handful of thyme and half a bulb of garlic into the cavity of your bird, soften your butter but don't melt it and spread it over the skin of the chicken, be liberal with this, season with salt and black pepper

  3. In an oven tray chuck in your chopped onion, half a garlic bulb and a handful of thyme and place your prepped chicken on top, chuck into an oven preheated to 220 degrees for 20 minutes, this will allow for the skin to go super crispy, after 20 minutes, turn the oven down to 180 degrees and pour your stock into the roasting tray

  4. Cook until the juices run clear, it should take about another 25 minutes

  5. Remove your chicken from the oven and pop it onto a plate/chopping board to rest, put the gravy tray onto a medium heat and reduce to a sauce consistency and transfer into a pouring jug, carve your chicken and serve