Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry


60 mins


90 mins


6 people

You can make this using our Thai Red Curry Paste recipe for a super delicious dinner


  1. In a big pot add your chicken and fill with water, pop onto a high heat and bring to the boil, then onto a gentle simmer until the chicken is cooked (this should take about 1 hour) once cooked remove from the water and allow to chill then strip the chicken of all meat being careful to remove all bones and gristle.

  2. In another pan on a high heat chuck your olive oil in and then your shallots and garlic and fry off

  3. Pop your curry paste in and fry on a high heat moving all the time as not to burn, then add your fish sauce and palm sugar and a touch of water to loosen, now add your coconut milk and simmer

  4. In a frying pan add your diced aubergine and fry with colour until golden brown and set aside onto kitchen paper to drain

  5. To finish add your shredded chicken, aubergine and sliced green beans then roughly chop your basil and stir in, check seasoning and serve with with jasmine rice