Sticky Beef Stirfry

Sticky Beef Stirfry


20 mins


10 mins


2 people

Rare sticky beef and crunchy vegetables with an Asian vibe.....


  1. Pop a frying pan onto a high heat, season the fillet with salt, pepper and oil and get it in the pan, sear both sides until beautifully browned and remove from the heat. While the pan is still hot add a splash of soy sauce, mirin, a tiny dash of fish sauce, a tsp of brown sugar and the juice of half a lime then return to a medium heat and allow the liquid to bubble and become sticky and baste over the steak. Remove from the heat once again.

  2. Pop the shallots, baby corn and carrots into a mixing bowl, In a separate bowl put juice of half a lime, tsp brown sugar, 1 crushed garlic clove, a splash of soy and your finely sliced red chilli and finally some freshly chopped coriander, give it a good stir together and taste for seasoning, you may need a touch more lime. Pour the dressing over the prepared vegetables and mix well using your hands.

  3. Place your baby gem leaves into your serving bowl and pile your dressed vegetables on top not forgetting to pour over the remaining dressing in the bowl.

  4. Slice the rare fillet of beef as thin as you can and place randomly over the top of your salad, garnish with a wedge of lime and enjoy