If you're feeling fruity, serve this with some goose fat roast potatoes

Steak Bordelaise

Steak Bordelaise


15 mins


45 mins


2 people

Classic French sauce to go with any steak....


  1. Pop a heavy bottomed frying pan onto a high heat. Season your steaks liberally with flaked sea salt and cracked black pepper and rub with olive oil and place into the smoking hot pan. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, until you have a beautiful crust, and remove to rest.

  2. Using the same pan gently fry off your shallots until golden then add your red wine and reduce until it becomes sticky and is almost gone, then add your beef/chicken stock and reduce by 2/3rds, when you're at this point add your diced butter and stir in until fully incorporated and you have a sauce consistency. Add your roughly chopped flat leaf parsley

  3. Pour any steak juices back into your sauce. Carve your steaks into 3/4 pieces and lather the sauce over the top.