Simple Poached Eggs

Simple Poached Eggs


10 mins


10 mins


3 people

There are so many poached egg recipes on the internet, this one requires a bit more patience but what you get looks much better than the run of the mill


  1. First job you'll need a bowl of ice water to spoon your eggs into when they're done, this will immediately stop them cooking and keep your yolk nice and runny

  2. Fill a large saucepan right up to the top and put a decent splash of white wine vinegar

  3. Crack your eggs into plastic ramekins, then 1 at a time drop your eggs into your deep pan of water, submerging your ramekins slightly as you do, the eggs should take about 3/4 minutes, take out and drop into your iced water, when you want to use them just drop back into a pan of boiling, seasoned water