Roasted Pheasant, Baby Leeks and Port Sauce

Roasted Pheasant, Baby Leeks and Port Sauce


25 mins


50 mins


2 people

Awesome 1 pan roast for when these bad boys are in season....


  1. Preheat the oven to 170C/Gas4. Season and brown off the Pheasant in a saute pan, remove and pop half a lemon and some thyme into the cavity.

  2. To start the sauce, chop the bacon and brown off in the same pan, add the chopped shallots, garlic and thyme and cook until they become soft and slightly browned. Add the port and de-glaze the pan. Pop the bird back into the pan and whack in the oven for 40-50 minutes.

  3. After this time remove the bird from the pan and set aside to rest, add a splash more port to the pan and reduce by half, then add the chicken stock and reduce to a nice thick sauce consistency. In a separate pan melt a knob of butter in a small pan and add a touch of oil, chuck in the baby leeks and cook on a low heat until tender.

  4. You can serve the bird whole between 2 people or you can break it down, either way it tastes amazing!