Roasted Leg of Lamb with trimmings

Roasted Leg of Lamb with trimmings


40 mins


90+ mins


6 people

James Villiers shows us his way of cooking his favourite easter dinner, Leg of Lamb.


  1. Pre heat your oven to 200 Degrees. Gas Mark 5. Firstly, slice your onions equally in order to form a base at the bottom of your roasting pan, for the leg of lamb to sit on. Feel free to leave the skin on the onions, this will add further flavour to your gravy later. Lay your Leg of Lamb on the layer of onions. Apply a generous covering of olive oil on both sides of the lamb. Season with "Susie Salt" and "Percy Pepper", be generous here on BOTH Sides. Place your Lamb in the oven for approximately 45 minutes.

  2. Now that your Lamb is in the oven, its time to make a start on the gravy. Heat up a pan and place the shallots and garlic into the pan.  We are working to caramelise these. Keep them moving using a spatula or spoon. Add approximately 2 glasses of Red wine. Proceed to cook off the wine by half. Once the wine has reduced by half, add chicken stock and heat through accordingly.

  3. Whilst your wine is cooking off for the gravy.

    Peel, cut and part boil your potatoes. Ensure they are nice and soft on the outside.

    Heat a pan with a 1/2 pool of oil in. 
    Place you potatoes into the oil and season.

    Shallow fry your potatoes and ensure that you keep turning them.

    When nice and golden and to your liking. 

    Place your potatoes into the over and keep turning every few minutes.

    Pre cook carrots and Parsnips in water. Shallow fry them as above.

    Quarter the Sweetheart cabbage and place into a pre heated frying pan. Lightly fry and then also add to the oven.

    Once all ready, place them in the same oven as your Lamb 
    200 Degrees. Gas Mark 5

  4. Cook the swede and carrots in water until soft. Add a small amount of butter (or healthy alternative) , season and then mash.

  5. Once vegetables are cooked to your liking, remove form the oven and place into serving bowls / serve to plate. Rest Lamb for few minutes.

  6. To de-glaze, cook off liquid from meat juices. Strain Shallots and garlic . Add remaining liquid to meat juices and onions. Strain out all onions and other materials. Leaving a rich and full flavour gravy.

  7. Hold the leg of lamb bu the bone. Carve downwards around the bone and plate accordingly. Enjoy!