Roasted Chicken & Chorizo

Roasted Chicken & Chorizo


30 mins


50 mins


4 people

Super easy, super tasty one pot meal


  1. Roughly chop all your Vegetables and Chorizo nice and chunky to a similar size, split the chilli & the garlic bulb down the middle and pop all ingredients into a roasting tin and season with Sea Salt and Olive Oil

  2. Season chicken with Sea Salt and Olive Oil and chuck in the pan with the chopped Vegetables and Chorizo

  3. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees and pop the whole tray in for 40 minutes, check the juices in the chicken run clear or use a temperature probe and take to 75 Degrees before eating

  4. Roughly chop a nice big handful of Parsley and chuck into the tray and a massive glug of Olive Oil Squeeze out the roased Garlic and serve