Clams in Manzanilla

Stunningly simple basque dish of fresh clams cooked in Manzanilla sherry

5 - 10


5 - 10



Super easy and delicious clam dish, would also work really well with Mussels, serve with a big dollop of Aioli and warm crusty bread



  1. Peel and Split your shallot length ways and finely chop into half moons

  2. Finely dice your garlic clove and set aside

  3. Rinse your Clams under running water for 30 mins to remove any grit that might be in the shells

  4. Pop a shallow saucepan on a medium high heat and cook the shallots without colour until soft, then add your diced garlic

  5. Turn the heat up high and quickly chuck in your Clams and Sherry and cover with a lid and steam for 2/3 minutes

  6. Roughly chop your Parsley and add to the cooked clams along with a nice big glug of Olive Oil, give the pan a little shake and serve