Chorizo and Cherry Tomato Pasta

Chorizo and Cherry Tomato Pasta


15 mins


30 mins


4 people

This super-quick Chorizo and tomato pasta recipe is full of flavour and perfect for a speedy week-night dinner


  1. First job, get your pasta shells on to cook, seasoned water and follow the instructions on the packet, remember when you drain your shells to keep some cooking water back

  2. In a frying pan over a low heat add your chopped shallot and cook gently to soften, then add your chopped chorizo and crank the heat up a little so these 2 guys can party a bit

  3. When your chorizo has softened add your tin of tomatoes and turn the heat up high, but keep the mix moving so it doesn't catch and burn, you want the liquid to reduce a bit, season with salt and pepper, add your spinach and basil and stir through

  4. Remember i said to reserve some pasta water? Put your pasta pan back on the heat and bring your pasta water up to a rapid boil, this is where the magic happens, add your finely grated handful of Parmesan and stir in then chuck your cooked pasta in, now stir gently with a spoon ensuring all shells are coated in this amazing cheeky sauce

  5. Now pour your chorizo and spinach mix onto your past and stir in, pop into a massive serving bowl and serve with some warm garlic bread