Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken Liver Pate


15 mins


15 mins


4 people

Super easy showy offy Christmas starter, make this a couple of days before you need for mega flavours...


  1. Put 100 grams of the butter into a sauce pan on the lowest heat to melt, this won't take long

  2. Put a splash of oil into a frying pan and cook the onions and garlic until they become soft, remove mixture from the pan and pop back onto the heat, turn it up high and chuck the livers in, fry for a couple of minutes until they become browned and pink in the middle, season well

  3. Zest and juice your orange into the pan and reduce the liquid, then add the brandy and burn off the alcohol, but be careful not to burn yourself!

  4. Add your onion and shallot mixture back into the pan and stir well, pour all the mixture into a blender and blitz, add the remaining butter bit at a time until the mixture becomes smooth, remove from the jug and pass through a sieve

  5. Pour the mixture into 4 ramekins and gently spoon your melted clarified butter over the top, this will create a seal, pop them int the fridge to set up, this should take a couple of hours, bake your baguette, chop and serve