Chicken Liver, Bacon and Pomegranate Salad

Chicken Liver, Bacon and Pomegranate Salad


25 mins


12 mins


2 people

Delicious winter salad! pink livers and smoked bacon....enjoy with a nice Chianti


  1. Pop a large frying pan onto a medium/high heat. Slice the bacon into lardons and get them fried in the pan until they become crispy and set aside. Give the pan a little clean with some kitchen paper and place back onto a medium/high heat.

  2. Pop a glug of olive oil into the pan and season the livers with salt and black pepper, lay into the hot oil and cook for 1 minute until the livers become golden, remove the pan from the heat and flip the livers over and allow to sit in the hot pan, they will continue cooking and become nice and pink.

  3. Mix the sherry vinegar and sugar together until the sugar has dissolved, add in the finely chopped shallots, put a spoonful of this dressing into the pan with the livers and use the remaining to dress the salad. To construct the salad, dress the watercress leaves, add in the pomegranate seeds and crispy bacon and mix well, arrange the salad into 2 bowls, slice the livers in half and dot around the salad, use the remainder of the dressing to drizzle over the top before serving.