For the purpose of this recipe we will be using the ingredients used in the video above, however remember that you can mix and match with whatever you choose! 

Camping Doughnuts

Camping Doughnuts


5 mins


10 mins


8 people

We love these Camping Doughnuts 😍🍩 Easy to make and absolutely delicious! You know what's even better? You can have whatever filling you like! 🙌


  1. Cut the slices of bread in to small rectangles, large enough to put one tablespoon of your filling of choice.
    (If you want you can make these larger, but the smaller the rectangle the easier they are to fry!)

  2. Add a tablespoon of your filling to the centre of the cut rectangle

  3. Place a second rectangle above the one with filling (like a sandwich), then using your fingers or a fork crimp the edges

  4. Next coat the sandwiches in batter, ensuring that all the bread is covered fairly evenly

  5. Fry until golden

  6. Once ready remove and rest the doughnuts on some kitchen roll to drain off any excess oil

  7. Before eating, roll the doughnuts in a bowl of caster sugar to add a sweet crunch