Build Burgers Not Walls, Slow cooked Beef Brisket Burger

Part of our 4th of July series, the Build Burgers Not Walls

15 - 20


5 - 10






  1. First job is to divide your minced beef up into 8 balls, then with the palm of your hand flatten each ball into a thin pattie, and layer in between grease proof paper and pop back into the fridge until needed

  2. Get your chilli beef brisket into a sauce pan and up to a gentle simmer and prepare your avocado into slices

  3. Pop 2 large frying pans onto a high heat (or BBQ grill up to cooking heat) add a glug of oil and get your burgers in to cook, flip after 2 minutes then cook for a further minute, remove and pop onto a baking sheet to rest

  4. Now you have to work quite quick, place your buns into your frying pans and gently toast, if you're using brioche be careful not to burn, now to build them burgers

  5. Brioche Pattie Chilli Pattie chilli Avocado Twist of lime Brioche ENJOY