Beef Cheek Bourginion

Beef Cheek Bourginion


30 mins


90+ mins


4 people

This is a take on the classic dish of beef braised in Burgundy with mushrooms and bacon lardons


  1. Trim your beef cheeks and cut into 2 even pieces, dust in flour and fry until golden in hot oil, transfer to an oven proof dish

  2. De-glaze pan with red wine and reduce by a third then add the beef stock, pour the mixture over the cheeks, chop carrot, onion, garlic and add to the pot with bay leaf, thyme, and beef stock, then braise @ 130C until tender (approx. 3 hours)

  3. Chop mushrooms in half, peel baby onions (or defrost if using frozen) and chop bacon into thin strips, in a warm pan add bacon and slowly cook, once brown add mushrooms and onions and cook until golden, remove from heat and add roughly chopped parsley.

  4. Place Beef into a bowl plate and coat in sauce, spoon bourginion mix over the top, serve with mashed potatoes.