BBQ Pork Shoulder Baps

BBQ Pork Shoulder Baps


20 mins


90+ mins


8 people

These will absolutely rock your next BBQ! 中


  1. Score the Pork Shoulder before seasoning with Sea Salt.

  2. Take the Bacon and create a lattice over the Pork.

  3. Cut the Onions and place in to the bottom of a tray. Then place the Pork Shoulder on top of the Onions in the tray.

  4. Season the Pork and Bacon with Salt, Pepper and Oil before placing on the BBQ.

  5. While the Pork Shoulder is Cooking, cut the New Potatoes in half and part boil.

  6. Once part boiled, place the Potatoes in to a hot tray with oil. Season with Salt and Pepper then move to the BBQ to cook with the Pork.

  7. Once cooked, remove the Pork Shoulder and Potatoes from the BBQ and leave to rest.

  8. Remove the Bacon and Skin from the Pork shoulder and return to cook on the BBQ for longer if wanted (as per your preferences). Slice the Pork Shoulder in to slices around 1-2cm thick.

  9. Place on a bun with Apple Sauce and Onion Gravy. Serve with Potatoes.

  10. ENJOY!