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Creme Egg Brownies

15 - 20 minutes 6

Smashing the sweet tooth barrier with these tasty treats!

Christmas Dinner Pizza

45 - 50 minutes 6

For a bit of fun.. Make this on boxing day and use up any left over bits from your Christmas feast!

Mint Sauce

10 - 15 minutes 10

The perfect condiment to Lamb! Check out this super simple recipe to Mint Sauce

KFC Korean Fried Chicken

30 - 40 minutes 4

Super easy KFC....You absolutely have to try this....

Toffee Apple Churros

30 - 40 minutes 4

Super sweet dessert for bonfire night....

Malabari Prawns

15 - 20 minutes 4

Delicious, fragrant southern Indian prawn curry....

Dahl Makhani

60 - 90 minutes 4

Delicious velvety Dhal....You absolutely have to make this....

Lamb Hariyali

60 - 90 minutes 6

Green, aromatic, fragrant lamb curry...So so soooooo delicious!

Bio Synergy Pre-Workout Jellies

5 - 10 minutes 8

Keep these in the fridge for a super pre-workout boost....

Tempura Vegetables

10 - 15 minutes 1

Light crisp fried vegetables, for an amazing dipping sauce try out our Wasabi and Sesame Mayonnaise

BBQ Chicken Wings

5 - 10 minutes 5

Summer time treat, try this mega easy wing marinade

Honey and Lime Dipping Sauce

5 - 10 minutes 4

This sweet and sharp dipping sauce is perfect with our whiskey glazed belly pork

Quick BBQ Glaze

5 - 10 minutes 10

This is really easy and quick, works great on chicken wings

Simple Shortcrust Pastry

10 - 15 minutes 4

A quick and easy recipe for shortcrust pastry. You can make it by hand or in a food processor.

Fromage Frais and Vanilla Sorbet

5 - 10 minutes 6

I love this recipe, its so easy, everyone will love it too, goes perfect with a fruit tart or even just a bowl of fresh raspberries

Easy White Bloomer

30 - 90 minutes 6

Good entry level loaf, start here and build up to our sourdough recipe


30 - 45 minutes 5

This Spanish street food is an awesome alternative to doughnuts, serve with our chocolate sauce recipe

Simple sweet pastry

45 - 60 minutes 6

This is a wicked basic pastry recipe, and is super easy. It’s easily adaptable if you want to add any flavours like orange zest or vanilla.