Grilled Aubergine and Courgette Bruschetta

30 - 45 minutes 4

This is so simple and is great for using rouge veg in the fridge

Whole BBQ Seabass with mojo Verde

20 - 30 minutes 2

Nothing better than BBQ fish, give this a try and serve with our mojo verde salsa

Mojo Verde

10 - 15 minutes 8

The most famous mojo sauce is the red and slightly spicy mojo picón, , this is our take on a green mojo

Grilled mackerel with soy, lime & pickled ginger

30 - 30 minutes 6

A delicious, lean fish dish with fragrant Thai flavours

Miso Mayonnaise

5 - 10 minutes 5

This is an awesome recipe, try with some grilled asparagus...delish

Roasted red pepper and anchovy on garlic crostini

20 - 30 minutes 4

Twist on Spanish tapas genius, The anchovies offset the smooth sweetness of roasted peppers dressed with sherry vinegar.


60 - 80 minutes 4

With its anchovie latticework, dark olives and rich layer of caramelised onions and garlic, this provençal classic – originally from Nice – is delish...

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

120 - 300 minutes 4

CRANBLE FRIED CHICKEN...We love this recipe here, works just as well in a seeded bap with some shredded lettuce and mayo

Bacon Jam

20 - 30 minutes 10

Bit of an unusual recipe but tastes soooo good, try it in a toasted cheese sandwich...

Homemade Chilli Sauce

10 - 20 minutes 10

There are many great chilli sauces on the market but we think this one is amazing

Mushrooms should be microwaved to seal in goodness, scientists say!

23rd May

How to make a Couscous salad!

19th May

Matt plays about with giant cous-cous!