Homemade Chilli Sauce

10 - 20 minutes 10

There are many great chilli sauces on the market but we think this one is amazing

Mushrooms should be microwaved to seal in goodness, scientists say!

23rd May

How to make a Couscous salad!

19th May

Matt plays about with giant cous-cous!

Keep Your Herbs Fresh!

16th May

A quick little hack teaching you foodies how to preserve your herbs for later use!

Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed Crowned MasterChef Champion in Emotional Final

16th May

This years MasterChef concluded with Saliha taking the crown

Chicken Katsu Curry

30 - 45 minutes 4

Anyone who knows Japanese food knows katsu curry is a game changer! Breaded chicken breast with a super special curry sauce slapped all over it.

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders

15 - 20 minutes 8

Love it or hate it Pork and Pineapple go together like peas and carrots, make sure you serve these in toasted brioche buns for extra sweetness


10 - 15 minutes 2

We've put a Cranble spin on this Mexican classic, works amazingly with some BBQ'd Cajun salmon

Hollandaise Sauce

15 - 20 minutes 4

Really easy version of this amazingly versatile sauce, try it with some poached eggs on toasted sourdough

Chorizo and Cherry Tomato Pasta

10 - 15 minutes 4

This super-quick Chorizo and tomato pasta recipe is full of flavour and perfect for a speedy week-night dinner

Roasted Garlic Butter

5 - 10 minutes 10

A great way of using up single garlic cloves loitering around your fridge! Make loads of this and keep it in the freezer

Chorizo Butter

10 - 15 minutes 10

Another compound butter for your collection, this one is amazing to finish a fish stew and perfect for roasting gambas